The Story Of Homie3D

Homie3D was not born in a garage, or caused by an epiphany on a jungle trek. 

For the past few years the real estate sector has been a target for new and upcoming technologies striving to cause disruption. With new arrivals to the sector delivering Virtual Reality (VR) property tours and Augmented Reality (AR) visualisations using 3D scanners, photo manipulation and custom 3D models, it’s easy to imagine what the future holds for property sales.   

In 2014, Jesse Broadhurst noticed there was one area the influx of tech was not addressing: off-the-plan purchases. A visual understanding of what a 2D plan will look like in real life is something that buyers have long struggled with. Jesse knew he could help.

After nearly four years of building, testing, scrapping and starting again, Homie3D was born. Now customers can explore their potential property, pick any available upgrades and see the finished product within an immersive, realistic experience - all in real time.

Welcome home.