A marriage made in Virtual Heaven

Author : Vukosav Spasojevic

Homie 3D’s Place in Civil and Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure Spending in Australia is at an all-time high with government agencies, along with their commercial partners, delivering ever more complex, well designed and thoughtful projects to all areas stretching all corners of the country. 

The 2019-20 Federal Budget included a record $100 Billion in infrastructure commitments.

Image Sourced from budget.gov.au

Image Sourced from budget.gov.au


Civil planning, engineering knowhow and Technology can be used hand in hand to deliver world class projects in this country on time, on budget and safely. Projects that are leading the world in their innovation and quality.

Projects that have come to completion recently include:

All great presentations in their own right but what is possible with Homie 3D compared to the traditional fly-throughs is a fully immersive 3 dimensional world where a user doesn’t have to be a passenger on some stylized carnival ride flying over the top of project. They can stand and look around their environment, seeing exactly what you will see at the completion of the project. This isn’t some pipedream for a distant future, this is possible and a reality today.


The possibility of not only 3D environments generated and controlled on a hand held device or computer screen, but fully photo realistic Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality where the client or stake holder can stand on the site of the build and have an overlay of their project come up on their screen or headset. Seeing exactly what the structure will look like in real time.


During the actual engineering stages of the build our 3D models are able to pick up design flaws that may have been missed by engineers and the draftsmen or architects. Our 3D models can be and are built using the CAD drawings that actually get used during the construction phase of the build, so when our modellers start building up the 3D model of the 2D cad drawing design flaws, which can be really easily overlooked or missed in the 2D plan, can be easily identified and corrected well before construction has even commenced or even the first materials have been ordered.


Immersive Environments

VR powering architectural visualizations

With projects of recent times growing to the scales that they have the cost benefit of this added benefit alone would far outweigh any initial costs. Engineers and Architects are able to cast a knowing eye over their project at very early stages using our photorealistic environment and can implement changes which we can amend in our 3D models and environments very quickly to help deliver the best projects with the greatest of efficiency and cost effectiveness.


Safety is a key driving motivation in today’s modern construction process. Studies show that workplace accidents are nine times more likely to occur during reworks due to poor planning, engineering or construction. What the 3D model produced can do for safety is help eliminate the oversights or clashes that can creep into the program pushing out the program costing not only time and money but also the safety of the workers and the broader community affected by the construction process


A huge benefit is the cost effectiveness of all of the supplementary products is outstanding as the 3d models that have been built in the initial stages can be adapted for any of our other applications easily and in a timely manner on our end. Homie 3D is a total cross platform solution that can showcase these world class builds in a world class and cutting edge way. Not only will you be able to experience these virtual worlds though your desktop but also your Android or IOS Phones and tablets and of course our purpose built Virtual Reality suites.


The ease of use and intuitiveness of our platform is what really drives the whole experience. The control mechanisms easily mastered in seconds leaving you free to experience the environment with the ease and comfortability of navigating your own lounge room at home.

The benefits don’t stop in the tendering and design stage either. One of the biggest hurdles is for the stakeholders getting information out to the communities that will be affected by project. The 3D designs can be used as an effective tool to inform members of the public and to show them exactly what is being built and how the finished product will look. Community information hubs are common place regarding major projects. What Homie 3D can offer is something a bit different, something that the public hasn’t been exposed to before but is really exciting. A full VR suite that can be set up in their community hubs where the members of the community can be fully immersed in the environment and see the completed project first hand, no little pamphlet, no promotional posters with catch phrases like “Striving for Excellence” or “Building a Better World”. No this is something different, something bigger, something at the grandest of scales. We are talking about.

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