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Homie 3D provides an Architectural Visualisation solution for Property Developers, Architects and builders which in turn helps them and their customers better visualise their next off the plan property. The intent is to empower the customer or stakeholder with more confidence and an accurate vision of what they can expect as a final result at the end of their build process enabling them to move through the sales process quicker and with more comfort. We achieve this through the use of virtual reality hardware and software and cloud based applications.

Why Choose Us?

3D Virtual Reality is emerging as an exciting and functional real estate tool, with 3D companies delivering virtual property tours and walkthroughs using 3D scanners, photo manipulation and custom 3D models. So why choose us? What makes Homie3D different? We deliver more than a 3D walkthrough of your design; we deliver a sales and marketing tool. Our product is a realistic virtual experience in which your potential customers can not only get a feel for the space, but select any upgrades which you make available. In real time, home buyers can explore your design, pick floorings, fixtures, feature walls and even furniture if that’s a service you offer. The Homie3D Property Marketing Solution can be used from anywhere in the world, expanding your reach to potential buyers and sales you otherwise wouldn't have access to. The only limitations are the ones you put in place. At the end of the experience, your customers simply hits the submit button for list of their preferred options to be sent directly to you.